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We develop tailored, on-site COVID-19 testing strategies and solutions to meet your unique needs.

COVID-19 has impacted everyone differently, making customized testing plans and comprehensive reopening strategies essential. We'll help your you adapt and move forward safely, quickly, and sustainably.

Government and health officials recommend widespread testing to identify infected persons to reduce the risk of the virus spreading. With up to 80% of COVID-19 infections asymptomatic, screening fevers and cold symptoms alone are ineffective.

Navigating testing options can be daunting— the market is flooded with substandard tests and concerns are rapidly growing about shortages in test capacity. At Everpoint Health, we rigorously evaluate all available COVID-19 testing options and form exclusive partnerships with leading laboratories and integrated technology platforms. We provide our clients with priority access to the most advanced science and cutting-edge technology at the lowest available price. 


We offer a full-service solution at no extra cost. Our approach includes clinician oversight, concierge-level service (including a personal Client Service Manager), and clinical guidance. Our qualified, compassionate nurses administer highly accurate COVID-19 tests capable of detecting infection in the earliest stages. Target populations are tested quickly and seamlessly, and results are made available with the fastest possible turnaround. 


We will help you establish a clear path forward for the best health and safety practices.

Our mission is simple—to protect your people, so you can safely operate your organization.

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