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Payment Policy
& Insurance Coverage

We do not accept insurance.  Everpoint Health does not participate in Medicare or Medicaid programs.  Medical testing services are provided through Everpoint Medical, PLLC under an arrangement with Everpoint Health, LLC.  Testing services purchased through this website are solely your financial responsibility.  Payment is required at time of booking.  We do not submit any claims directly to insurance, but we do provide itemized receipts 1-day after your test, with all appropriate codes and information needed for an easy submission experience. 


For medical claims, you must contact your insurance carrier for a claim form. Everpoint will provide your with a receipt with information that will be helpful to you in submitting your claim. Reimbursements are at the discretion of your insurance carrier.  Everpoint does not guarantee insurance reimbursement.  Be sure to check your out-of-network benefits summary or call your insurance company directly to verify your coverage and benefits for out of network COVID-19 testing.

If you are filing an insurance claim, please ensure that your insurance company is instructed to pay you directly. Should Everpoint Health receive a check on your behalf, it will be returned and have to be reissued to you.

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