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Expert testing solutions for a healthy team and safe workplace— so you can focus on productivity.

As the reopening of the economy continues, businesses must navigate the financial and operational challenges of COVID-19,  while rapidly addressing the needs of their team, customers and staff.


Everpoint Health is designed to minimize evolving safety and liability concerns and account for shifts in cultural norms, to create healthier and more responsible business practices. 

We evaluate all available testing and technology options, identify the best solution, and create customized plans to keep your team healthy and your business open. Our unique partnerships offer access to the best available pricing for top laboratories and integrated technology platforms.

Our team of experts will walk you through how it works, and collect necessary information about the unique needs of your business. We address your current landscape and develop
custom testing and technology strategies to meet the goals of
decreasing sick-leave disruption, stabilizing revenues, reducing
liability and aligning businesses with healthier practices.

We offer evidence-based recommendations for which of our tests will work best for your employees.  We can provide highly qualified, compassionate medical professionals to administer convenient on-site testing. Alternatively, if you want to use your own staff, we'll help train them to administer our tests safely and effectively.



Our experts perform extensive research and select the most cutting-edge laboratories, integrated testing and technology companies to partner with us. We have priority access to the most advanced science available at the lowest available cost.


Our technology provides fast, streamlined access to results.  


We have dedicated clinician oversight  and a full-service approach that also includes concierge-level service (including a personal Client Service Manager), and clinical guidance at no additional cost.  

We only utilize the most qualified pediatric and adult health providers.

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For all general inquiries:


Everpoint Health

Testing Solutions for COVID-19

644 West Putnam Avenue, Suite 201

Greenwich, CT 06830


(203) 987-5796


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